What are the Kinds of Background Check?

Capture.JPGBackground checks, especially instant background check online are really helpful in terms of many things. Other than helping HR’s choose the right person for the job, there are still many reasons and applications on conducting background checks. Here are different types of background check and what they are for.

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks reveal any criminal offenses or records that a person may have. This includes felonies, misdemeanors and convictions. Arrest warrants, arrest records, and specific crimes such as sexual offenses, acts of violence and theft are also part of this background check.  This kind of background check is included most of the time on the other types of background check listed below.

Employment Background Checks

Employment background are used as a pre-screening tool to verify an applicant’s qualification and skills. It is also used to look at his past records and help the company decide if the potential employee is the right person for the vacant position. It also helps the company save from the financial damages that an unqualified employee may incur.

h.JPGHome Loan Background Checks

Loan companies conduct background checks for the purpose of verifying a person’s information as well as gathering data in order to know if he can really pay for his debt. It saves them all the issues that an incompetent loan applicant may bring.

Tenant Screening

Landlords screen possible tenants to make sure that they will not bring trouble within the neighborhood. They also check the financial stability of potential tenant to pay the rent. It will also save landlords the problems that a possible tenant may cause if his records show that he is a threat the safety of the other tenants.

Childcare Background Checks

 Child care background checks exists to check for people who want to adopt and foster children. It helps the court to decide if they can provide the necessary needs of a child as well as set as a good example.

Volunteer Screening

Organizations screens individuals who want to join the team especially if they are going to work with vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and children. Usually they collect criminal records as well as personal references.

Background checks are only as good as the company that you hire to get the information and results. Aside from getting third party services you can also use instant background check online which will give you results in just a few minutes.

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Legal Concerns with Background Checks

Capture.JPGDirecting a background check online or offline on forthcoming workers can give managers trust in their enlisting decisions. Be that as it may, a developing number of states and urban areas – which now incorporates New York City – limit managers from inquisitive into criminal feelings (under the “boycott the container” development) or utilizing records as a consumer in work choices. In light of these improvements, here are some proposed Do’s and Don’ts with respect to business individual verification.

Do Conduct Background Checks, If Permitted

Background checks, when allowed, can help check a working candidate’s data or screen contender for advancements or reassignments. This can be particularly essential for positions that include taking care of individuals or money related information, and can help get rid of people who may not be appropriately mindful. Background checks likewise can help secure businesses, that might be considered lawfully in charge of damages or harms brought on by an inadmissible worker.

Prepare Written Authorizations

By law, businesses who draw in outside organizations background checks (when and where allowed) must advise work candidates, in a composed report isolate from other business or application records, that there will be individual verifications, and get the candidates’ approval, in composing (which can be a piece of the archive said above), to direct personal investigations. Bosses directing their own historical verifications would be judicious to take after similar standards.

Do Limit Background Checks to Information Permitted by Law11.JPG

Most laws allow managers to check work history and educational history. Superiors may likewise look for military administration records, driving records, duplicates of insolvency filings, sedate tests and freely accessible online networking posts, in spite of the fact that they may require the candidate’s authorization and alert in taking care of private data.

Do Notify Applicants or Employees of any Decisions Based on Background Reports

Managers who settle on preparatory business choices in view of foundation reports should first advise the candidates or workers, furnish them with a duplicate of the report, and give them sensible time to survey the report and clarify any negative data, before settling on any last business choice. Businesses who dismiss candidates or workers in light of foundation reports should likewise advise them and give data about the organization that arranged the report. A few areas require extra methods if dismissals depend on criminal feelings.

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The Best Way to Conduct Background Checks

bgg.pngThe beauty of background checks is that they are easy to conduct with the right tool or the right partner. Background checks are conducted for many reasons- one of the most common is the pre-screening of an employment to see past records of an applicant. Another would be a crime investigation which enables the right authorities to look back at someone’s criminal records to help them solve a case. With background checking, both the employer and the authorities will save time in finding the right person to hire or to investigate.

Long before online businesses are in bloom, conducting background check is so time-consuming and expensive because you hire people for that special purpose only. However as many kinds of businesses and companies and methods emerged in the online world, online background checks bloomed into business. The hard and time-consuming process of background checking have been reduced to a few clicks.

Online background checks are more common nowadays due to the fact that it saves a lot of time, it takes less effort to conduct one through the internet, and it makes background checking much easier.  What a person can do for days and weeks, a search engine or a software has trimmed down to minutes.

Online background check includes, if available, the following in the search results: criminal background check, lawsuits, liens, bankruptcies, property records, an address Laptop Magnifying glasssearch, phone numbers, relatives & neighbors, all matching people search results, and more. Criminal background  or police background check online is a type of online background which yields into its output  a person’s misdemeanors, violations, felony and probation, violations, address history and AKA Names.  With these kind of results, every investment for background checking will be worth it. You just need to find the right website that will help you in your background checking needs.

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How to Run a Background Check

stockxpertcom_id7878592_size0.jpgA background check is an investigative procedure of looking up records of an individual. It does not simply check for criminal records, it also includes education and employment history, civil records, property records, and references that are available. Background checks are done mainly for three purposes: to keep the company safe by checking the criminal history records, to verify the integrity of an applicant’s qualifications and to know if a possible applicant is wanted internationally.

Running a background check is not as hard as you thought it might be. You might think that background checks are somewhat similar to how NSA tracks people and criminals in real time, as you can see in movies and TV. No, it doesn’t work that way. In order to run a background check, you must first understand that background checks are simply tools that assist you in getting to know a specific person more, not totally.

To run a background check on a certain individual that you wish to know more about, the easiest yet most important thing to do is to find a reliable background check application. Most applications deliver output, but are not totally efficient. Next, type in their first name and last name to start your search. Sounds easy enough, right? Then, with the name you typed, there are filters to apply on your search in order to narrow down the results. But first, what are filters?

Filters are what helps you narrow down the search when doing background checks. When you run a background check, the results are massive. Chances are, you won’t find the person you’re really looking for. That’s why, every time you run a background check, make sure to apply filters. Examples of filters are: age, height, weight, country, skin tone or color, etc. Filters differ on every background check application, so be sure to find a user-friendly background check application.

However there are also restrictions in running a background checking software such as not using it to stalk someone or steal their identity, it can’t be used also in spying your spouse or finding the GPS location of an individual. After all, all software has their limitations and it is designed not for your own personal use.

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Dealing with Insurance Brokers

good-course.jpgInsurance Brokers

From time to time, people see flyers posted around cities and sometimes even people trying to sell them insurance of some kind. These people are called insurance brokers. Insurance brokers are very good at convincing people in buying their insurance offer. Though these offers might be very promising, it is still fair to make sure if these offers are legitimate.

Though most of the insurance companies are legitimate, the fraudulent one’s also exist. With the help of their unethical brokers, the scam business and the brokers are able to fish in some clients. Here are a few scams done by insurance brokers to look out for:

  • Stealing Premiums – in this case, the brokers take client’s premiums for their own instead of sending It to the insurance companies. The premium usually serves as support for the insurance brokers leisure.
  • Selling Deceptive Insurance – insurance brokers will sell fake insurances from fake insurance companies or they will be selling fake insurance coverage from legitimate insurance companies and take the money for themselves.
  • Selling Unnecessary Coverage – the insurance brokers sell client’s insurance coverage that are either very expensive or unnecessary for the insurance plan.

Also shown by the statistics from insurancefraud.org, fraud steals $80 billion a year across all lines of insurance and Fraud comprises about 10 percent of property-casualty insurance losses and loss adjustment expenses each year. These statistics show that people should be more observant and careful when it comes to trusting insurance companies and brokers. The terrifying part is that, insurance frauds where suspected in 8% of intentional fires. This only shows that insurance frauds made by fraudulent companies and brokers, not only threaten a person’s savings but also one’s life.

Scam Prevention
With a very high risk of being scammed by fake insurance companies and brokers, people should start be researching first before negotiating with these insurance companies. Here are a few ways to prevent getting scammed:hidden_12714.jpg

  • Be Observant – if the offers of the insurance broker seem too good to be true, then it probably is. The scam usually falls in very flowery word and promises.
  • Run a Criminal Background Check – the best way to insure legitimacy is by running criminal background checks. Criminal background checks will be able to trace any criminal records of the insurance broker; thus will you make a decision whether to trust the broker or not.

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Fast Hiring Taking Advantage of Technology

1395879440-how-hire-someone-aligned-company-mission.jpgThe Hiring Process

The hiring process these days take longer than it did before. According to the study, the U.S has an average of 23 days hiring process. Glassdoor also evaluated several screening methods, phone interviews get an average of 8 to 8.2 days, one on one interviews has an average of 4.1 to 5.3 days and Presentations with 2.7 to 4.2 days.  The hiring process nowadays becomes very exhausting for applicants. However, there is still a way to speed the process. Here are several ways to not only speed the hiring process, but also make it easier:

  • Clear Job Descriptions – instead of posting a summarized job description where other details will be provided upon interview, posting a job full and understandable job descriptions make it a lot easier for applicants to know if they are capable of getting the job done.
  • Post Opportunities on social media – taking advantage of social media is also a good way to make hiring faster. With over millions of users around the world, the companies job post can be viewed by job seekers, thus increases the chance of hiring the right people for the job.
  • Minimize Job Posting – although posting a lot of job ads might seem very efficient, it only increases the chance of applicants that are not suitable for the job. By optimizing job ads and posting them in a strategical way, the chances of hiring the right employees become increases.
  • Header2Try Video Interviewing – interview via live stream videos can lessen the effort of both applicant and employer, stable internet connection, a computer (or smartphone) and a camera will be the only utilities needed.
  • Straight-forward interviews – instead of asking questions like “what will you be, 5 years from now?”, it would be best to conduct an interview that is relaxed and straight to the point.
  • State the Salary – a lot of employers keep posting job ads and not stating the salary, this only invites more applicants that are not sure but willing to take an interview to know the salary. By posting the salary, employers can trim down undecided applicants.
  • Utilize Background Checks – this is where taking advantage of technology falls, when interviews go well but there is still doubt in the employer’s mind, the best solution is to simply conduct background checks. By running a background check online, employers can finalize the decision the hire the applicant or not.

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Background Checks and Hiring Household Maids

character-assessment-infomartBackground Checks

People tend to forget how important running a background check is, mainly by employers who are in a rush of hiring. It may be reasonable to hire someone who has the skills without running a background check, however this puts a big risk to the safety of the company and its employees. People should not forget that safety should be one of the priorities, whether it is hiring for a company, for a store or even for one’s household.

The question is, how can background check ensure the safety of a work area?  By running a background check the employer will be able to get ahold of criminal records of the applicant, this gives a great advantage whether to trust the applicant or not.

Background checks are not only essential for companies and businesses, they also become very handy for household employees. The best example would be hiring household maids.

Hiring Household Maids

unnamed.jpgPeople nowadays become very busy, some follow their dreams by doing what they love all day long, some work really hard and burn the hours in the office and some have two jobs. House cleaning would be the last thing on a busy person’s mind when reaching home. This is where the maids take place. Hiring a household maid, especially the ones who would stay and live in the house, is a very critical hiring process. The risk of losing items like jewelry, gadgets and cash become high, and worst, even lead to an inside job robbery. This is where running a background check becomes very useful. Here are some advantages of running a background check before hiring a maid.

  • Safety is secured – knowing that the maid applicant has no criminal backgrounds because of the background check, guarantees an individual’s safety around the household.
  • Trust rate – it will be easier for the employer to trust the applicant knowing that the applicant has clean records.
  • Fast Hiring Process – the hiring not only becomes fast, but also less stressful to the employer. The hiring process can be as fast as a few hours with the help of background checks.

To wrap it all up, hiring is not an easy task especially when it involves a person staying in someone’s home. It requires very good observation and interrogation skills to ensure safety. However, with the help of background checks, the hiring process can be faster and more secured than not running one.

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