Misconceptions and New Perceptions for Background Checks

download-2Some of the misconceptions that have been rumored and will float around about background checks and its uses.  Applicants will put themselves through stress and unnecessary worries over the process of background checks.

False: Employers look for excuses and reasons to not hire applicants

Truth: Background Checks are investments that employers make for the candidates they are actually interested in hiring. If employers want your permission to run background checks on you then it is a very good indicator that they are really serious in considering offering you a job. But according to some studies at least half of all application forms and résumés would contain false information and fabrication and crimes occurs in the workplace at least one in six times. Background checks used by employers to confirm and verify your credentials so they can protect their brand and make sure they have a safe workplace.


False: Applicants Who Have Criminal Records Can’t Get a Job

Truth: There are guideline passed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the EEOC that will prevent employers from discriminating applicants who have criminal records and disqualifying them because of it. Employers can only disqualify applicants if the criminal records directly relate to the job being offered. For example, if an applicant has a DUI arrests and they apply for a job related to driving, and then employers can disqualify them for that. There are many factors that companies can take into account when applicants have criminal records like the seriousness of the offenses and how long the crime occurred.


False: Background Checks Hurt Credits When It Searches for Employment Credits.

Truth: Employment credit check is different from a credit check; it will not negatively affect any credit score. Employers who run credit checks on applicants applying for jobs that must managing the money of a company or financially advising the company’s clients. If an applicant can’t manage their own finances, the company won’t give them a chance to handle theirs.


False: Background Checks Put an Applicant’s Information at Risk

Truth: Companies that do background checks like Background PI will never share any private information, there are strict privacy policies to protect all personally identifiable information. A company like Background PI is always committed in keeping information and will also be protected by state and federal laws.


False: Applicants Will Never Get Jobs Unless They Lie to Cover Up the Past Problems

Truth: Honesty Is the Best Policy, Truly. If applicants have problems in their past, it will be tempting to put a blank or forget to list your criminal records. This is a dangerous strategy. A lot of employers will see this as a red flag and they might not accept you.


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Awareness for Criminality, Background Checks and Racist Employers

blackwhite.jpgAnalyzing the effects of background checks initiated by employers on the chance that they hire African-America Men Workers. This effect is greater and stronger among employers that report an aversion to hiring applicants who have criminal records than applicants who don’t have one. There are also similar effects found about employer aversion to ex-offenders and the tendency to conduct background checks on their willingness to hire applicants who have gaps and blanks in their employment history. In the absence of criminal background checks, where employers will discriminate statistically against African-American and those with weak records in employment sectors, discrimination pears to substantially contribute to see employment and between young white and black men earning gaps.

Current Rate of Incarceration

At the current rate of incarceration, there is 9 percent of all men will have spent time in state and federal prisons. These results differ by ethnicity and race and the median time served is less than two years for recent prison releases. These two facts suggest that a large minority of men who are non-institutionalized have criminal records in any point of time.

How Criminal Records Affect the Labor Market for Ex-Offenders

If employers have access to criminal records will affect the labor market for ex-offenders. Employers will hesitate to hire ex-offenders or any applicant with criminal records for fear the safety of the clients and customers of their company and they may likely to have intention to steal.  In employers can check an applicant’s criminal records, they can use these criminal records to exclude consideration from ex-offenders. Whether or not employers review an applicant’s criminal records, it can also impact the labor market for applicants who don’t have any criminal records. If criminal records have limited accessibility, employers will infer to the likelihood of criminal records from traits like race, age or gender. Statistical discrimination will affect the employment outcomes of people who don’t have criminal records but belongs to a group with high conviction rates. The discrimination affects the black population that excluded from opportunities due to criminal records background checks.

It is theoretically ambiguous that the net effect of hiring blacks and criminal records background checks. Employers will likely drop black applicants on the basis of information, but is on the basis of awareness of criminality when employers do not drop black job applicants. But it is unclear which of these two effects should predominate and analyzing the effects of the criminal records background checks initiated by employers on hiring Africa-Americans.

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Discrimination Based on Criminal Records

ban-the-box-job-discrimination-black-hispanic-employment-application-criminal-record.jpgPeople who have criminal records will often face barriers to full participation in any community. Trying to find a good job is one of the hardest things to do for former offenders. This will explore a potential employment barrier discrimination based on criminal records.

Former Offenders Suffers Discrimination

If a person suffers discrimination based on the fact that they have criminal records, refused and denied by employers, dismissed from employments, denied training opportunities, being denied to have any kind of promotions, subjected to unfavorable conditions while in the workplace or the terms given to them in employment and especially, being harassed in the workplace.

The main reason of non-discrimination is all about allowing people to take part in the society based on their individual merits and not judged by the characteristics attributed to them through generalizations but making sure that former offenders can have the same type of opportunities just like the others that are participating in society.


There are a lot of discriminations but just like these areas, discrimination issues based on criminal records involves a careful balance between different rights. Former offenders have paid their debt to the society and served their time, they have the right, same as others, to seek employment like a proper member of the community. But there are certain occasions where people with specific kinds of criminal records pose a high risk where it is unacceptable that they cannot be employed in a particular job.

The extent and nature of employment discrimination based on their criminal records, examined, researched to prepare and publish guidelines to prevent these issues in employment discrimination, along with the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers, effectiveness and adequacy of anti-discrimination laws and other that may prevent discriminations based on criminal records and protect the people against these kinds of issues.


The goal is to help develop solutions to deal with real problems being faced by employees and employers that will clarify rights and responsibilities in this area, if the results show protection against discrimination based on criminal records while still having the need for more legal clarity, a report that recommends law change produced by the commission.

The issues of discrimination based on criminal records and the opinions about them, particularly about experiences of discrimination of people with criminal records, employers strategizing on how to prevent discrimination based only on criminal records, view about anti-discrimination laws in the area based on criminal records and proper strategies to act on these current issues.

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Free & Online Background Checks


There are several reasons why you should do background checks on yourself.

There might be wrong information about you lingering around the internet or even in your credit report. Maybe you will find a comment you made 5 years ago or a scandalous picture of yourself somewhere and that will be a little embarrassing. These things will hurt your chances for when they pop up the next time you apply for a job or a loan. Thankfully, you can correct or remove these kinds of damaging information. This is also a very good idea to conduct background checks when you are planning to have a roommate, date with someone you just met online. You never know what dangerous details lingering in someone’s past.

Ways to Do Background Checks1422493303787There are a dozen ways to do background checks that do not cost a thing since it is such a pressing need. But there are tricky facts about background checks. If you are conducting background checks as an employer or a landlord especially for credit, medial and insurance reasons, you must use a trustworthy service.

There are standards to keep up for data protection and offer dispute resolution that is in a Consumer Reporting Agency. Because if you rejected an applicant or a tenant based on the results of background checks from a company and it is not a CRA, you could be in trouble.

Always search for a list of CRAs divided into categories like history of employment, insurance, renting and other information. You can ask and dispute information that CRAs have on file for you.

You can use any service or method that is legal, for checking on your roommates and partners.

Hiring Background Check Companies

Hiring a background check company is the simplest option for background checks. You can find a lot of companies who do background checks online like Background PI, trustworthy and have the best background checking services. But some firms are scams; look around for companies that offer average prices for background checks and avoid companies that offer price s that are too low or too high.

If you want to save some money and you have some time to kill, you can do a Google search which could turn up information about the person that might make you think twice. But you won’t see anything important like convictions or evictions in the past.

The more information you have about the person; your background checks will have better results. Just knowing their middle name and their date of birth will help you find their information easier.

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How to Tackle Dishonesty and Employment Fraud

To help HR professionals understand dishonesty and employment fraud as a threat and help them manage and mitigate the risks.

Most of the staff in any company is honest and trustworthy. But companies are now beginning to understand and realize the threat scale posed by the percentage of the staff that is dishonest to their employers.

In today’s competitive economic environment in the market place, a lot of companies responded by undertaking structural reforms and empowering their staff. Changes have raised the levels of customer satisfaction and services, without a doubt. But these changes that if combined with the ability to gather more financial transactions remotely, but dishonest actions by the staff creates scope, fertile conditions and opportunity for them.

The issues about employment fraud are changing the ways companies handle it, which depends on how the risks increase. A lot of companies used to let HR professionals handle all the employment fraud cases quietly which inconspicuously allows the dismissal of dishonest employees or to resign discreetly, which is not possible today. Companies today are now sharing the data of incidences with employment fraud within the company.

What is Employment Fraud?

Fraud.jpgEmployment fraud happens when employees dishonestly abuses the trust of the company, to make a false representation or have intent to cause a loss or to make a gain, while doing their duties for the company where they have a contractual agreement to offer their personal services.

Why is Employment Fraud Such a Big Deal?

The number of incidences of employment fraud is rising every year. A lot of companies hesitate to admit the scale of the current problem of employment fraud to keep from their reputation from being damaged. Since now that it has grown and increasing to an extent that linked to people who have criminal records and organized crimes, which is where a need for countermeasures has raised the profile of the Financial Services Authority and law enforcement agencies’ issues.

Employment fraud is a big and growing threat, where the most serious threat that targets senior employees in the management sector. But the major threat has gone down or organizational hierarchy to a lot of junior members of the staff which have access and responsibility fir confidential data like customer and payroll data that ever before.

Security and Background Checks

The lack of employment security and background checks in some companies is the main reason employment fraud exists. Pre-employment background checks are the first line of defense in preventing any kind of infiltration and identifying employees vulnerable and susceptible to opportunistic fraud and collusion. It is clear that background checks are useful and can combat this extensive problem. Particularly when considering more threats from collusion and infiltration.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nannies and Background Checks

babysittingParents and guardians are always cautious about their children and who should they trust to leave their children to them. Parents would order background checks on nannies as a part of their pre-employment background check and screening. Once a family finds a perfect nanny they want to hire, and the nanny accepted the offer, then that is the best time to conduct a background check. The nay should know the job offer is contingent and dependent of the results of the complete background check.

How Long Does It Take To Conduct a Background Check?file.jpg

A background check takes at least 3 days before the result returns. But the completion time are dependent on the kinds of checks the family has ordered. Processing the background check once the nanny accepts the terms and provides authorization.

Consenting before Background Checking

Consent is important and the nanny should give her consent before conducting any background check. If the nanny refuses to give consent to a background check, always read it as a red flag.

Choosing Nanny Background Check

Parents should not only depend on a background check. The basic background check give results that is inaccurate, incomplete and outdated, even if these checks are good for screening nannies, they should only be used with county court record checks and not replaced. They have the gold standard in background check screening.

Nationwide database checks should not replace county court record checks but be used in conjunction. All the states are not included in the nationwide database searches and it is not up to date. Nationwide databases are not thorough enough, if a possible record is found on a nationwide database check; county courthouse is the place to do county court record checks for further research. A cheap nanny background check is not enough to get the real picture of the nanny’s history.  Utilizing the most comprehensive background check available to make sure that the family have the right information they need to make the right hiring decision. Some states may have restrictions and limitations on the reported dates of certain records.

Additional Screening on Your Own

Additional screening includes verifying the nanny’s identity by examining their identification and documents to make sure that the provided information on the background check report matches, checking the nanny’s references, evaluating their work history, conducting internet searches, the nanny’s educational background, conducting a drug testing and completing an in-depth and in-person interview.

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Reasons Why Background Checks Might Make You Lose Job Offers

Rejected-GraphicFrom the bad reviews from former bosses to criminal histories, pre-employment backgrounds checks can cost you job opportunities for different reasons. The most common reasons why background checks ruins your job offers.

A lot of employers will do extensive background checks on their potential employees before making official hiring decisions. And even if you were already been accepted for the job, but it is important that you passed the background checks first. These background checks are a very important part of the job hiring process and they can have a great impact on your chances of landing a job or not.

If you have never been submitted to background checks before, it’s unclear what employs are looking for in your past. Valid questions that you may ask yourself, like “what did they learn about me?” or “am I not good enough for this job because of why they know?” can be helped by answering them with the reasons why you might be rejected based on the results from your background checks.

Lying On Your Résumé

Uncovering an applicant’s criminal history is what background checks for, but they are better for unmasking trail of lies on an applicant’s résumé or application form. Claiming that you have college degrees that you don’t really have, job titles that you wrote you had on your job application and hiring dates.

Using background checks and employment and educational verification checks, employers have a good chance on pointing out the lies you made on your résumé. And if you did lie, even a tiny spec of lie that didn’t matter to you, can still makes it hard for you to land that job. And after all employers wants to hire people who they can trust and are not willing to lie to them.

Bad Reviews

Employers won’t just contact the references you listed to tell them about you, but they will also try to speak will other former employers. And the reason they talk to former employers is that your potential employer wants to hear about your day-to-day basis operation. They will ask questions if you are a hard worker, if you are friendly or if your work is high quality. Your potential employer will ask these types of questions to your former employers.

Wrong Information from Background Checks

Even if you never committed any crime, never changed anything in your résumé to make yourself look goods and your other records are clean, you may still have to worry about wrong information that may come out of your background checks. Sometimes you can do the right things and may your employment chances may still be pulled back by background checks. Because background checks are not going always a hundred percent correct. For these kinds of situations, it is always a good idea to do background checks on you, before going to an interview. You can contact departments if you find something wrong about the information about you. And you have the right to know why, if they rejected you because of background checks and the employer will give you written explanation why they rejected you.

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