Secured Hiring with Background Checks

The Statistics

blog 4In the statistics shown by Eurostat and United States bureau of labor, 4.9% of the United States of America’s population are unemployed. This gives a high chance that almost all of these unemployed people are applying from different companies around their state. Although the percentage of unemployment slightly dropped from the year 2014 to the present date, the 4.9% unemployment rate still gives companies over a million of applicants wanting the get the job and it makes the sorting of applicants harder.

One of the most important factors in the hiring process knows the applicants background, background-checkit is dangerous for a company to let anyone be part of the business, especially when the company holds a lot of sensitive files and big amounts of money. Since employees represent the company, a single unethical employee action can eventually cause the downfall of the company. This is why rules and regulations are being created by the management and of course to prevent these scenarios from happening. It is best that an employer thoroughly recognizes their employees even before they start to do the job.

Secured Hiring

secured-7To prevent events like employees stealing company information, inside job robberies and many more, the best solution would be to run an on-line background check on the aspiring applicant. Not only is running a background check easy, it is also convenient and fast. Here are some advantages of background checks according to the website :

  • Increase applicant and new hire quality
  • reduce workspace violence
  • protect against negligent hiring liability
  • reduce employee dishonesty losses
  • screen employees with access to living quarters
  • reduce employee turnover
  • avoid negative publicity
  • meet regulatory, insurance and customer requirements

These advantages will play a big part in not only in the workplace and business flow but also in the client satisfaction. Although there are many factors making a business successful, it is debatable that customer satisfaction is one of the most essential factor. By simply hiring the proper applicants, a business can sky-rocket its growth in no time and secured hiring through background checks can make all of this possible. It only takes a computer, internet connection and just a few clicks to run a background check, and one of the best websites to run a background check is through BackgroundPi can definitely provide a reliable background check. Start now and secure your hiring.


How to Securely Buy Preloved Items Online

bs.JPGOnline Buy and Sell

Everyone loves buying and selling stuff, from pawning items, garage sales, online buying and selling and all kinds of ways to convert items to money and vice versa. One of the most popular form of buying and selling is through the internet. The internet becomes the best market for buy and selling for its enormous number of users. A product posted online can be viewed by thousands in just a few minutes, unlike putting it on a shelf on a specific shop, it will take hours for hundreds of people to see it.

Though online buy and sell sounds very amusing and stress-free it also has its dangers. Here is a short list of those advantages and disadvantages:


  • bssss.JPGFree advertisement – yes, online selling is free and this is a good start for vendors, users just need to create an account on any social media or selling websites. Just a few clicks and thousands of potential buyers will be able to view the item.
  • Worldwide Coverage – For sellers, that item that sellers post may be spread worldwide through sharing and self-conducted promotion. For buyers, looking for items becomes hassle free, taking time in searching these items, people can definitely buy products from any part of the world.
  • Low to no budget needed – Since online buy and sell is free, vendors will need a low or zero budget to get going. A camera would be part of the investment although a smart phone camera can do the job. For buyers, the only equipment needed is a computer or a smartphone which these days almost everyone has at least one of both devices.


  • cons.JPGLots of competition – For vendors, the competition gets though, there at least thousands of people selling items online and some of these vendors are already established. For buyers, an item posted is usually sold to the highest bidder if on auction, and if for sale, sold to the nearest buyer available.
  • Trust issues – Since buyers cannot touch the item, trust may be a bit blurry. There are cases where the items purchased are not as good looking as it is from the picture and sometimes even worse, the item is not what was purchased or it never arrives.
  • Safety Concerns – Scammers are everywhere on the internet, and the terrifying part is that criminals can be a part of the online market. It is best to always check on who you are dealing with especially when it comes to meet up transactions. Before meeting a vendor or a buyer that you met online make sure to give the person a background check.

Pre-loved item hunters

To those people hunting around and buying pre-loved items online, make sure not to rush in getting the item and never rush in meet up transactions. Meet up transactions would be the most common way of exchange especially when the item is pre-loved and the buyer wants to test the quality.


The best way to securely buy pre-loved items online is by running a background check for the seller, simply visit for further information.backgroundpilogo

Criminal Background Checks in the New Enforcement Guide

bc.JPGThe Equal Employment Opportunity Commission approved by vote, a new set of rules in the enforcement guidance on criminal background checks. The guidance consolidates and supersedes two policy statements from the coast on the subject; this new guidance will discourage exclusions of job applicants who have convictions and arrests, but instead of doing blanket exclusions, they encouraging employers to assess every job applicant. Employers’ needs to analyze whether excluding a potential employee based on their criminal records and conduct is consistent and job related with business necessity. This new guidance will clarify and expand the range of conduct whereby criminal background checks will have a conflict with the Title VII and will create a greater risk that will become liability for employers.

Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records

After the Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records made by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in employment decisions under title VII of the civil rights act of 1964 which strike a discussion on how employers needs reevaluation on their use of background checks on their potential job applicants. The guidance shows that employers may violate Title VII if they treat criminal history information differently for job applicants or current employees.

The commission noted that an employer’s facially neutral policy can affect adversely a potential or current employee with criminal records and have a disparate impact based on prohibited characteristics like people’s race and national origin. In the commission’s guidance, an employer cannot simply reject applicants because of their criminal records under the employer’s exclusionary policies.

In the wake of the commission’s guidance, employers who use criminal background checks needs preparation to prove their solid reason on why they declined an applicant for those who are looking for the information.

Best Practices

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Guidance does not mean that employers should abandon their practice of conducting background checks altogether. In fact, background checks are employers’ obligation to their companies and to use them with reasonable care when hiring potential employees and promoting current employees and lead to liability if third-party firms were in an incident, harmed by employees, a lot of courts held employers liable for their employees’ behavior or actions if the employer fails to conduct reasonable background checks into the potential and current employees’ background because of hiring.

ee.JPGEmployers need to create policies and rules for conducting background checks properly, considering both the guidance by the commission and the need to offer a work place that is safe with honest and productive employees. There are employment law professionals that will help employers in structuring policies for background checks under this developing section of law.

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Trends in Background Checking

back.JPGThe rules about background checks are not only made by each government of each country but also by states and cities. A lot of large organizations have their own rules for what is in the background checks and what is not.

A lot of background checks providers are familiar with all the background checks laws in the places they run. When people try to do their own background checks they must keep in mind that they to take caution about complying with the laws in their jurisdiction.

The laws about background checks in the Fair Credit Report Act which comprises a lot of results for credit-reporting bureaus like how far they can go back so they can check and report on a potential employee’s credit history, but a few rules that needs to follow when initiating background checks and credit checks.

Employers must ask permission of the potential employees or current employees in written form before viewing any information and credit reports.

Employers need to give potential and current employees a summary of their rights under the act before taking any action against them based on the information on their background checks and credit reports.

Potential employees have the right to get a copy of their background checks and credit reports and protect themselves against wrong or incomplete information with the firms who do background checks and credit reports after they were not accepted for the job based on the negative information in background checks and credit report.

Trends in Background Checks

Background checks have changed greatly in just a few years, thank to the growing popularity of computerizing vital records and challenges associated with a difficult economy.

Dishonesty in Resumes

Unemployed people are taking longer to secure jobs especially during recessions which increased the hunting for finding jobs and the temptation to embellish their résumés. Employers in all kind of industries have reported the increase in cases where applicants were less than truthful.

Social Networking Sites

It is a common thing to add social sites as a part of background checks, employers review Facebook pages and other social networking sites to screen their potential applicants for employment.  But it is illegal to ask potential employees for their password to online accounts.

Background Checks with Other HR Systems

A lot of providers of background checks use the service as a part of a larger HR System. Some HR systems automatically place a flag a data in a report of background checks that is beyond the threshold set by the company, which eliminates the need to scrutinize reports of background checks on potential employees who fail to meet the recommended qualifications.

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Why Gun Sales Needs Background Checks

gun.jpgGun violence is a heavy toll on many people and communities throughout many countries. While most gun owners takes their responsibilities seriously, the constant news about shootings shows that even bad people can have access to guns easily too.  These people will get guns because there is a gap in gun laws in many countries, the loophole for unlicensed sales enables a lot of gun sellers and distributors to avoid doing background checks.

This is how criminals and bad people take advantage of this loophole in the law. They know that they can attend a gun show or search for people who are willing to sell a gun online without conducting any background checks.

Why We Need Background Checks In Gun Sales

A lot of people lawfully and responsibly own gun for self-protection, collection or recreation. Owing a gun is a part of many nations heritage, laws that keep guns in the hands of responsible. Law abiding people enhance their traditions of owning a gun. But unfortunately there is a loophole in gun laws that will allow people who do not respect these laws and are dangerous to easily acquire guns and use the, to threaten the public’s safety.

Tragedies because of gun violence occur in large part because bad people can easily get guns from sellers who have no licenses. There are no laws that will need licenses for the sale of a gun. Unlicensed private sellers are not requires to do background checks on people who buy guns.  This gap allows thousands of bad people to get guns every year that costs innocent people their lives, despite being legally ineligible to own and carry them.

Offenders overwhelmingly get their guns through sellers and sales that have no licenses. Nearly all of inmates who have convictions of gun offenses obtained guns from a gun store where it needs background checks and are ineligible to own guns at the time of the crime got the gun through unlicensed sellers.

Supporting the Simple Solution

The simple solution to this problem which unlicensed sellers can use the same system that licensed dealers and sellers already use to do background checks on people who buy guns, People overwhelmingly support the laws that requires unlicensed sellers to do so. A growing number people have adopted its approach, saving lives in the process, and making these paces demonstrably safer places to live.

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Purpose of Background Checks and Other Facts

1 (1).pngEmployers are in need of background checks to screen potential employees for employment, especially for the people looking for jobs that need a trust or high security like banks, school hospitals, airports, and governments. Background checks are traditionally conducted by government agencies for a small fee but it can be also being provided by private companies, background checks and their costs will depend on what information being requested and its results will typically include criminal records, credit history, and past employment verification.

Background checks are always used by employers for pre-employment screening purposes that judge an applicant’s character and to know if the said applicant is a hiring risk for security and safety reasons. Used to thoroughly check applicants applying for government jobs and to be given security clearances. But discrimination, identity theft or invasion of privacy and other unlawful acts and background checks are the lightning rod for these illegal purposes.

Background checks are for verifying information in application forms or résumés. Studies shows that at least half of all background checks being done on potential employees differed between what the reports say and what the applicant provided but they are also used as a way to further search and differentiate potential candidates and employers will pick the one they feel is best suited for the job because of their obligations to make sure there is safety in the workplace for all employees and to prevent other problems related to employment and the workplace.

Types of Background Checksbackground-check-300x242

  • Academic Verification
  • Gaps in the History of Employment
  • If applicants hold directorship
  • Firearms purchases
  • Character Reference Check
  • Identity and Address Verification

The Market

The larger companies will likely to do background checks and outsource that small company. Financial companies have the highest rate of respondents who do outsourcing with over a quarter but compared to an overall average of businesses who outsource background checks to a third-party provider.

Companies who chose to outsource will make sure to use agencies that are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act because if the agencies failed to use this compliance which the company will face the legal issue because of a complexity of these laws.

Included in Background Checks

Files search

The amount of information used on background checks depends on the larger degree of sensitivity of the reason for conducting it.

  • Arrest, Incarceration, Sex Offender and Criminal Records
  • Citizenship, Legal Working, and Immigration Status
  • Driving Records
  • Litigation Records
  • Drug Tests
  • Employment Records
  • Education Records
  • Financial Information
  • Mental, Medical and Physiological Evaluation Records
  • Military Records
  • Licensing Records
  • Interpersonal Interviews
  • Social Security Number

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The Wild, Wild West of Background Checking in Employment

head 2At least 70 million adults and counting have convictions or arrests that can show up on background checks for employment and at the same, a lot of employer are now conducting background checks on their potential applicants by relying on the companies that do background checks or on the government databases that are all accessible on computers.

The vast increase of background checks has devastating consequences for a lot of employees having difficulty finding jobs because of their criminal records and the history of their convictions and arrest, especially for the people of different race or national origin. The information from background checks by private companies are full of errors including expunged conviction or failing to show that the charges dropped, which is the same problem with the government database which has incomplete records and inaccuracies.

It is difficult to fight against the large data and the increasing rate of using stale records that stigmatize qualified applicants. It is a very complex problem with no simple solution. However, society are interested and turning their attention to the long-overdue legacy of the mass incarceration and over-criminalization, a special chance exists to fight this and other issues about the criminal justice.

The Proliferation of Background Checks in Employment and the Forces Driving It

Understanding the vast increase of criminal records and how to limit it, which is to find the specific source of the information in background checks and records? Today, background checks in employment are one of the several sources which are the generator of these reports including the private company that do background checks or the government databases.

Private Companies Conducting Background Checks

Files search

A lot of employers that uses background checks for potential applicants by purchasing a commercially ready background checks and its reports from a trusted background check firms.  Today, these private companies will mostly by the history of criminal records in bulks from several sources which are aggregators which includes states systems and reports based on that data.  Runners are still used to go to local courthouses to check and verify the information in the bulk data manually.

There are serious problems that could pop up when the information purchased from aggregators and other unverified for the accuracy or the date of the sources which means that the companies include information on background checks that can cost employees their jobs. Errors in the seriousness of offences, revealing seal information, inability to give the last results of arrests and reporting the history of another person with the same name, these are some errors in background checks.

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