What You Need to Know About Criminal Background Check

asdq.JPGThe most commonly used kind of background check is a criminal background check. Criminal background check contains information on a person’s criminal history.  What makes it different from the regular background screening is that, it is more thorough in and specially directed towards criminal records.

A regular background check will most likely include information including marriages, bankruptcies, and other related topics. A criminal background check, on the other hand, focuses on a person’s name, known aliases, distinguishing physical marks, arrests, convictions and prison terms. Some may also include warrants coming from police records, and court records. The most thorough criminal background check includes international warrants and arrests. These sensitive type of information simply cannot be displayed on a regular background check.

hr.JPGHowever, when an HR person is searching for a particular person to perform a background check, he isn’t primarily interested in their criminal records, but rather, their general information in order to verify the accuracy of what is written in his resume. People do not seek for criminal records, unless they are really interested and it is their main focus.

Yet for people who are interested in a person’s criminal records, they choose to perform criminal background check. But, first of all, why do you want to run criminal background check? The first step would be is asking yourself what you want to know specifically- is it the number of arrests or warrants he received or if he was ever involved in money laundering. Second, how deep will your search be? Looking for a person’s complete data on a huge database takes time. By having a clear goal in mind of how deep you want your search to be, finding out details will be much faster.

Also, bear in mind that criminal background checks have limitations too. Every time you run criminal background check, you are retrieving sensitive information, some of which are not publicly accessible, even to you. So always keep in mind that every time you run criminal background check, not all confidential data about the persons you search will not be included in the results.

In order to run criminal background check, you must first ensure that the background check company that provides you with the said service is completely reliable and secure. Backgroundpi.com is an online background check search engine tailored specially for your criminal background check needs. Not only are they reliable and safe, their data is also completely accurate. Most importantly, it will only take a few minutes. Performing criminal background checks has never been this secure and easy.

For the best online search engine to help you run criminal background check, please visit http://www.backgroundpi.com/.



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