What are the Kinds of Background Check?

Capture.JPGBackground checks, especially instant background check online are really helpful in terms of many things. Other than helping HR’s choose the right person for the job, there are still many reasons and applications on conducting background checks. Here are different types of background check and what they are for.

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks reveal any criminal offenses or records that a person may have. This includes felonies, misdemeanors and convictions. Arrest warrants, arrest records, and specific crimes such as sexual offenses, acts of violence and theft are also part of this background check.  This kind of background check is included most of the time on the other types of background check listed below.

Employment Background Checks

Employment background are used as a pre-screening tool to verify an applicant’s qualification and skills. It is also used to look at his past records and help the company decide if the potential employee is the right person for the vacant position. It also helps the company save from the financial damages that an unqualified employee may incur.

h.JPGHome Loan Background Checks

Loan companies conduct background checks for the purpose of verifying a person’s information as well as gathering data in order to know if he can really pay for his debt. It saves them all the issues that an incompetent loan applicant may bring.

Tenant Screening

Landlords screen possible tenants to make sure that they will not bring trouble within the neighborhood. They also check the financial stability of potential tenant to pay the rent. It will also save landlords the problems that a possible tenant may cause if his records show that he is a threat the safety of the other tenants.

Childcare Background Checks

 Child care background checks exists to check for people who want to adopt and foster children. It helps the court to decide if they can provide the necessary needs of a child as well as set as a good example.

Volunteer Screening

Organizations screens individuals who want to join the team especially if they are going to work with vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and children. Usually they collect criminal records as well as personal references.

Background checks are only as good as the company that you hire to get the information and results. Aside from getting third party services you can also use instant background check online which will give you results in just a few minutes.

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