Trends in Background Checking

back.JPGThe rules about background checks are not only made by each government of each country but also by states and cities. A lot of large organizations have their own rules for what is in the background checks and what is not.

A lot of background checks providers are familiar with all the background checks laws in the places they run. When people try to do their own background checks they must keep in mind that they to take caution about complying with the laws in their jurisdiction.

The laws about background checks in the Fair Credit Report Act which comprises a lot of results for credit-reporting bureaus like how far they can go back so they can check and report on a potential employee’s credit history, but a few rules that needs to follow when initiating background checks and credit checks.

Employers must ask permission of the potential employees or current employees in written form before viewing any information and credit reports.

Employers need to give potential and current employees a summary of their rights under the act before taking any action against them based on the information on their background checks and credit reports.

Potential employees have the right to get a copy of their background checks and credit reports and protect themselves against wrong or incomplete information with the firms who do background checks and credit reports after they were not accepted for the job based on the negative information in background checks and credit report.

Trends in Background Checks

Background checks have changed greatly in just a few years, thank to the growing popularity of computerizing vital records and challenges associated with a difficult economy.

Dishonesty in Resumes

Unemployed people are taking longer to secure jobs especially during recessions which increased the hunting for finding jobs and the temptation to embellish their résumés. Employers in all kind of industries have reported the increase in cases where applicants were less than truthful.

Social Networking Sites

It is a common thing to add social sites as a part of background checks, employers review Facebook pages and other social networking sites to screen their potential applicants for employment.  But it is illegal to ask potential employees for their password to online accounts.

Background Checks with Other HR Systems

A lot of providers of background checks use the service as a part of a larger HR System. Some HR systems automatically place a flag a data in a report of background checks that is beyond the threshold set by the company, which eliminates the need to scrutinize reports of background checks on potential employees who fail to meet the recommended qualifications.

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