Why Gun Sales Needs Background Checks

gun.jpgGun violence is a heavy toll on many people and communities throughout many countries. While most gun owners takes their responsibilities seriously, the constant news about shootings shows that even bad people can have access to guns easily too.  These people will get guns because there is a gap in gun laws in many countries, the loophole for unlicensed sales enables a lot of gun sellers and distributors to avoid doing background checks.

This is how criminals and bad people take advantage of this loophole in the law. They know that they can attend a gun show or search for people who are willing to sell a gun online without conducting any background checks.

Why We Need Background Checks In Gun Sales

A lot of people lawfully and responsibly own gun for self-protection, collection or recreation. Owing a gun is a part of many nations heritage, laws that keep guns in the hands of responsible. Law abiding people enhance their traditions of owning a gun. But unfortunately there is a loophole in gun laws that will allow people who do not respect these laws and are dangerous to easily acquire guns and use the, to threaten the public’s safety.

Tragedies because of gun violence occur in large part because bad people can easily get guns from sellers who have no licenses. There are no laws that will need licenses for the sale of a gun. Unlicensed private sellers are not requires to do background checks on people who buy guns.  This gap allows thousands of bad people to get guns every year that costs innocent people their lives, despite being legally ineligible to own and carry them.

Offenders overwhelmingly get their guns through sellers and sales that have no licenses. Nearly all of inmates who have convictions of gun offenses obtained guns from a gun store where it needs background checks and are ineligible to own guns at the time of the crime got the gun through unlicensed sellers.

Supporting the Simple Solution

The simple solution to this problem which unlicensed sellers can use the same system that licensed dealers and sellers already use to do background checks on people who buy guns, People overwhelmingly support the laws that requires unlicensed sellers to do so. A growing number people have adopted its approach, saving lives in the process, and making these paces demonstrably safer places to live.

To know how to get a background check online, go to www.backgroundpi.combackgroundpilogo


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