Purpose of Background Checks and Other Facts

1 (1).pngEmployers are in need of background checks to screen potential employees for employment, especially for the people looking for jobs that need a trust or high security like banks, school hospitals, airports, and governments. Background checks are traditionally conducted by government agencies for a small fee but it can be also being provided by private companies, background checks and their costs will depend on what information being requested and its results will typically include criminal records, credit history, and past employment verification.

Background checks are always used by employers for pre-employment screening purposes that judge an applicant’s character and to know if the said applicant is a hiring risk for security and safety reasons. Used to thoroughly check applicants applying for government jobs and to be given security clearances. But discrimination, identity theft or invasion of privacy and other unlawful acts and background checks are the lightning rod for these illegal purposes.

Background checks are for verifying information in application forms or résumés. Studies shows that at least half of all background checks being done on potential employees differed between what the reports say and what the applicant provided but they are also used as a way to further search and differentiate potential candidates and employers will pick the one they feel is best suited for the job because of their obligations to make sure there is safety in the workplace for all employees and to prevent other problems related to employment and the workplace.

Types of Background Checksbackground-check-300x242

  • Academic Verification
  • Gaps in the History of Employment
  • If applicants hold directorship
  • Firearms purchases
  • Character Reference Check
  • Identity and Address Verification

The Market

The larger companies will likely to do background checks and outsource that small company. Financial companies have the highest rate of respondents who do outsourcing with over a quarter but compared to an overall average of businesses who outsource background checks to a third-party provider.

Companies who chose to outsource will make sure to use agencies that are compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act because if the agencies failed to use this compliance which the company will face the legal issue because of a complexity of these laws.

Included in Background Checks

Files search

The amount of information used on background checks depends on the larger degree of sensitivity of the reason for conducting it.

  • Arrest, Incarceration, Sex Offender and Criminal Records
  • Citizenship, Legal Working, and Immigration Status
  • Driving Records
  • Litigation Records
  • Drug Tests
  • Employment Records
  • Education Records
  • Financial Information
  • Mental, Medical and Physiological Evaluation Records
  • Military Records
  • Licensing Records
  • Interpersonal Interviews
  • Social Security Number

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