The Wild, Wild West of Background Checking in Employment

head 2At least 70 million adults and counting have convictions or arrests that can show up on background checks for employment and at the same, a lot of employer are now conducting background checks on their potential applicants by relying on the companies that do background checks or on the government databases that are all accessible on computers.

The vast increase of background checks has devastating consequences for a lot of employees having difficulty finding jobs because of their criminal records and the history of their convictions and arrest, especially for the people of different race or national origin. The information from background checks by private companies are full of errors including expunged conviction or failing to show that the charges dropped, which is the same problem with the government database which has incomplete records and inaccuracies.

It is difficult to fight against the large data and the increasing rate of using stale records that stigmatize qualified applicants. It is a very complex problem with no simple solution. However, society are interested and turning their attention to the long-overdue legacy of the mass incarceration and over-criminalization, a special chance exists to fight this and other issues about the criminal justice.

The Proliferation of Background Checks in Employment and the Forces Driving It

Understanding the vast increase of criminal records and how to limit it, which is to find the specific source of the information in background checks and records? Today, background checks in employment are one of the several sources which are the generator of these reports including the private company that do background checks or the government databases.

Private Companies Conducting Background Checks

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A lot of employers that uses background checks for potential applicants by purchasing a commercially ready background checks and its reports from a trusted background check firms.  Today, these private companies will mostly by the history of criminal records in bulks from several sources which are aggregators which includes states systems and reports based on that data.  Runners are still used to go to local courthouses to check and verify the information in the bulk data manually.

There are serious problems that could pop up when the information purchased from aggregators and other unverified for the accuracy or the date of the sources which means that the companies include information on background checks that can cost employees their jobs. Errors in the seriousness of offences, revealing seal information, inability to give the last results of arrests and reporting the history of another person with the same name, these are some errors in background checks.

To know more on how to run a background check on someone, go to


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