Misconceptions and New Perceptions for Background Checks

download-2Some of the misconceptions that have been rumored and will float around about background checks and its uses.  Applicants will put themselves through stress and unnecessary worries over the process of background checks.

False: Employers look for excuses and reasons to not hire applicants

Truth: Background Checks are investments that employers make for the candidates they are actually interested in hiring. If employers want your permission to run background checks on you then it is a very good indicator that they are really serious in considering offering you a job. But according to some studies at least half of all application forms and résumés would contain false information and fabrication and crimes occurs in the workplace at least one in six times. Background checks used by employers to confirm and verify your credentials so they can protect their brand and make sure they have a safe workplace.


False: Applicants Who Have Criminal Records Can’t Get a Job

Truth: There are guideline passed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the EEOC that will prevent employers from discriminating applicants who have criminal records and disqualifying them because of it. Employers can only disqualify applicants if the criminal records directly relate to the job being offered. For example, if an applicant has a DUI arrests and they apply for a job related to driving, and then employers can disqualify them for that. There are many factors that companies can take into account when applicants have criminal records like the seriousness of the offenses and how long the crime occurred.


False: Background Checks Hurt Credits When It Searches for Employment Credits.

Truth: Employment credit check is different from a credit check; it will not negatively affect any credit score. Employers who run credit checks on applicants applying for jobs that must managing the money of a company or financially advising the company’s clients. If an applicant can’t manage their own finances, the company won’t give them a chance to handle theirs.


False: Background Checks Put an Applicant’s Information at Risk

Truth: Companies that do background checks like Background PI will never share any private information, there are strict privacy policies to protect all personally identifiable information. A company like Background PI is always committed in keeping information and will also be protected by state and federal laws.


False: Applicants Will Never Get Jobs Unless They Lie to Cover Up the Past Problems

Truth: Honesty Is the Best Policy, Truly. If applicants have problems in their past, it will be tempting to put a blank or forget to list your criminal records. This is a dangerous strategy. A lot of employers will see this as a red flag and they might not accept you.


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