Awareness for Criminality, Background Checks and Racist Employers

blackwhite.jpgAnalyzing the effects of background checks initiated by employers on the chance that they hire African-America Men Workers. This effect is greater and stronger among employers that report an aversion to hiring applicants who have criminal records than applicants who don’t have one. There are also similar effects found about employer aversion to ex-offenders and the tendency to conduct background checks on their willingness to hire applicants who have gaps and blanks in their employment history. In the absence of criminal background checks, where employers will discriminate statistically against African-American and those with weak records in employment sectors, discrimination pears to substantially contribute to see employment and between young white and black men earning gaps.

Current Rate of Incarceration

At the current rate of incarceration, there is 9 percent of all men will have spent time in state and federal prisons. These results differ by ethnicity and race and the median time served is less than two years for recent prison releases. These two facts suggest that a large minority of men who are non-institutionalized have criminal records in any point of time.

How Criminal Records Affect the Labor Market for Ex-Offenders

If employers have access to criminal records will affect the labor market for ex-offenders. Employers will hesitate to hire ex-offenders or any applicant with criminal records for fear the safety of the clients and customers of their company and they may likely to have intention to steal.  In employers can check an applicant’s criminal records, they can use these criminal records to exclude consideration from ex-offenders. Whether or not employers review an applicant’s criminal records, it can also impact the labor market for applicants who don’t have any criminal records. If criminal records have limited accessibility, employers will infer to the likelihood of criminal records from traits like race, age or gender. Statistical discrimination will affect the employment outcomes of people who don’t have criminal records but belongs to a group with high conviction rates. The discrimination affects the black population that excluded from opportunities due to criminal records background checks.

It is theoretically ambiguous that the net effect of hiring blacks and criminal records background checks. Employers will likely drop black applicants on the basis of information, but is on the basis of awareness of criminality when employers do not drop black job applicants. But it is unclear which of these two effects should predominate and analyzing the effects of the criminal records background checks initiated by employers on hiring Africa-Americans.

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