Discrimination Based on Criminal Records

ban-the-box-job-discrimination-black-hispanic-employment-application-criminal-record.jpgPeople who have criminal records will often face barriers to full participation in any community. Trying to find a good job is one of the hardest things to do for former offenders. This will explore a potential employment barrier discrimination based on criminal records.

Former Offenders Suffers Discrimination

If a person suffers discrimination based on the fact that they have criminal records, refused and denied by employers, dismissed from employments, denied training opportunities, being denied to have any kind of promotions, subjected to unfavorable conditions while in the workplace or the terms given to them in employment and especially, being harassed in the workplace.

The main reason of non-discrimination is all about allowing people to take part in the society based on their individual merits and not judged by the characteristics attributed to them through generalizations but making sure that former offenders can have the same type of opportunities just like the others that are participating in society.


There are a lot of discriminations but just like these areas, discrimination issues based on criminal records involves a careful balance between different rights. Former offenders have paid their debt to the society and served their time, they have the right, same as others, to seek employment like a proper member of the community. But there are certain occasions where people with specific kinds of criminal records pose a high risk where it is unacceptable that they cannot be employed in a particular job.

The extent and nature of employment discrimination based on their criminal records, examined, researched to prepare and publish guidelines to prevent these issues in employment discrimination, along with the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers, effectiveness and adequacy of anti-discrimination laws and other that may prevent discriminations based on criminal records and protect the people against these kinds of issues.


The goal is to help develop solutions to deal with real problems being faced by employees and employers that will clarify rights and responsibilities in this area, if the results show protection against discrimination based on criminal records while still having the need for more legal clarity, a report that recommends law change produced by the commission.

The issues of discrimination based on criminal records and the opinions about them, particularly about experiences of discrimination of people with criminal records, employers strategizing on how to prevent discrimination based only on criminal records, view about anti-discrimination laws in the area based on criminal records and proper strategies to act on these current issues.

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