Free & Online Background Checks


There are several reasons why you should do background checks on yourself.

There might be wrong information about you lingering around the internet or even in your credit report. Maybe you will find a comment you made 5 years ago or a scandalous picture of yourself somewhere and that will be a little embarrassing. These things will hurt your chances for when they pop up the next time you apply for a job or a loan. Thankfully, you can correct or remove these kinds of damaging information. This is also a very good idea to conduct background checks when you are planning to have a roommate, date with someone you just met online. You never know what dangerous details lingering in someone’s past.

Ways to Do Background Checks1422493303787There are a dozen ways to do background checks that do not cost a thing since it is such a pressing need. But there are tricky facts about background checks. If you are conducting background checks as an employer or a landlord especially for credit, medial and insurance reasons, you must use a trustworthy service.

There are standards to keep up for data protection and offer dispute resolution that is in a Consumer Reporting Agency. Because if you rejected an applicant or a tenant based on the results of background checks from a company and it is not a CRA, you could be in trouble.

Always search for a list of CRAs divided into categories like history of employment, insurance, renting and other information. You can ask and dispute information that CRAs have on file for you.

You can use any service or method that is legal, for checking on your roommates and partners.

Hiring Background Check Companies

Hiring a background check company is the simplest option for background checks. You can find a lot of companies who do background checks online like Background PI, trustworthy and have the best background checking services. But some firms are scams; look around for companies that offer average prices for background checks and avoid companies that offer price s that are too low or too high.

If you want to save some money and you have some time to kill, you can do a Google search which could turn up information about the person that might make you think twice. But you won’t see anything important like convictions or evictions in the past.

The more information you have about the person; your background checks will have better results. Just knowing their middle name and their date of birth will help you find their information easier.

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