Frequently Asked Questions about Nannies and Background Checks

babysittingParents and guardians are always cautious about their children and who should they trust to leave their children to them. Parents would order background checks on nannies as a part of their pre-employment background check and screening. Once a family finds a perfect nanny they want to hire, and the nanny accepted the offer, then that is the best time to conduct a background check. The nay should know the job offer is contingent and dependent of the results of the complete background check.

How Long Does It Take To Conduct a Background Check?file.jpg

A background check takes at least 3 days before the result returns. But the completion time are dependent on the kinds of checks the family has ordered. Processing the background check once the nanny accepts the terms and provides authorization.

Consenting before Background Checking

Consent is important and the nanny should give her consent before conducting any background check. If the nanny refuses to give consent to a background check, always read it as a red flag.

Choosing Nanny Background Check

Parents should not only depend on a background check. The basic background check give results that is inaccurate, incomplete and outdated, even if these checks are good for screening nannies, they should only be used with county court record checks and not replaced. They have the gold standard in background check screening.

Nationwide database checks should not replace county court record checks but be used in conjunction. All the states are not included in the nationwide database searches and it is not up to date. Nationwide databases are not thorough enough, if a possible record is found on a nationwide database check; county courthouse is the place to do county court record checks for further research. A cheap nanny background check is not enough to get the real picture of the nanny’s history.  Utilizing the most comprehensive background check available to make sure that the family have the right information they need to make the right hiring decision. Some states may have restrictions and limitations on the reported dates of certain records.

Additional Screening on Your Own

Additional screening includes verifying the nanny’s identity by examining their identification and documents to make sure that the provided information on the background check report matches, checking the nanny’s references, evaluating their work history, conducting internet searches, the nanny’s educational background, conducting a drug testing and completing an in-depth and in-person interview.

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