Background Checks and Drug Tests

What are Background Checks?background-check.jpg

Background Checks takes an extensive look on the past experiences and choice of the potential employee. It often includes the criminal records which at federal and statewide searching levels and an education and employment verification. Adding extra searches if the employer needs it, such as the potential employee’s social media, credit checks and drug testing.

 Are Drug Testing Required?


The Pre-Employment Background Check, which may or may not include a drug test, is completely up to the employer and company. A lot of employers do not need to conduct a drug test by law. Some state and local governments limits the area from workplace drug testing, except if the jobs extremely needs the drug testing by regulations of the federal and state.

Private companies however, are not required to follow any rules outline in the federal guidelines about drug testing; the government encourages companies to use protocols when they create drug testing policy. It also states that non-union employers have the right to test a potential employee for illegal drugs while in unionized workforces; negotiation is the key to implementing the testing programs.

Why Do Companies Do Drug Tests?

Same reason why they always do background checks on potential employees, to keep their brand safe from all the negative aspects that may lead to a loss in business income. companies found out that employees who uses drugs in the workplace often comes to work with low productivity of the quality work, injuries on the job and a lot of absents. This causes employees to seek potential employees that will offer better investment in the company.

Truck-Drug-TestCan You Be Hired If You Failed the Drug Test?

There are companies who are still willing to hire applicants who tested positive or they will still keep you if you are already an employee, but leave it to chance, there is only a low percentage for these kinds of cases. If it did happen, the applicant would be hired on a probationary basis or they will need to retake the test at a later date.

Utilizing background checks and hiring the best background check companies like Background PI to make sure successful companies that they are not only hiring the right applicant but also gaining the right employee that would be a good investment for their brand. Sometime businesses will use background checks and drug testing to seek the candidate’s habits and values and to know if it matches the company’s.

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