The Anatomy of Background Check Companies

Background checks are critical and essential in business but
equally critical and essential in divorces and child custody cases, where information about the Father, Mother, Relatives, Boyfriend responsible for caring forthe child, which is always relevant and important.

What is Background Check?background info.jpg

A background check is the information that will show up if it is conducted, which includes the Social Media Profiles, Records of Properties, Address History, Phone Numbers, Relatives, Neighbors and even Lawsuits of the person being checked.

What is the most effective way to conduct it?

There are some that are mostly effective and reliable method but for uncovering the background information of an individual. Almost always the factors are both Time and Cost and the search for the information must be accurate especially when it is going to be relied upon to determine custody of a child, visitation or employment. For the reasons and others, it is very important to understand the structure and the very anatomy of the court and criminal system and some of the problems go both ways.

There are four categories of records that investigators and the criminal justice system
break down.

344_1_thumb.jpgThere are Arrest Records which are
prepared by the law enforcement agencies. The Federal, State and Local courts complies the Criminal Court Records, the Prison Records or The Department of Correction Records, State Criminal Repository Records which also holds all of The Department of Correction Records, Arrest and Criminal Court Records.

There are two nationwide systems that are used for background checks. First, FBI’s National Crime Information Center Database, which is the one of the largest criminal justice database and law enforcements are the only one who can access it. It compiles information from most of the federal, the state and the local courts. The courts are always responsible to report information to the NCIC Database. Lack of personnel creates errors in accuracy of the reporting process of breakdowns. It currently stores 52.3 million criminal history files, many of the lesser committed offenses in their county jurisdiction is not reported and doesn’t have the capacity to and existing information is not updated. Modification of information on Parole, Felony Conviction, or Probation and even case dismissals may not even appear on the NCIC Database.

The second system is the National Criminal File. It includes 60 million records. It relies heavily on the State Repository Records which is the same poor condition on reporting as the NCIC.

How to Conduct Thorough Background Checks On an Individual or Company?

In order to conduct complete background checks, each county would need to be searched which is a very impossible task especially when the one doing the background checks is given a very short time to complete the investigation. So the first thing to do is they learn a little about the person they are investigating, most people don’t live their countries which they live or work. They need the name, date of birth, aliases that is used by the individual. The investigators will decide which counties will be search once they have the information stated.

While the processes of conducting background checks is time consuming, it’s the only way to know effectively, the criminal history of the subject. The findings of the investigator will then be handed to the client.

When looking for a firm to conduct background checks it is critical to hire the ones who are licensed. This makes the firm is insured and their testimony will hold up in a court of law.character-assessment-infomart.jpg

Even if a person is wearing shirts that are tucked-in that goes with a bow-tie doesn’t mean they are not criminals, people that seems truthful may be liars. When decision making comes up and it’s about employment, custody or businesses, it is always good to be more safe than sorry. We can assess better when we know the history of an individual.

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