Trying to Steal Someone’s Identity

head 2Background checks are not just for employers who are trying to research the historical background of their candidates yet this procedure can likewise work if you need to know whether somebody is attempting to take somebody’s identity.

When identity thieves have your own data, they can drain your bank account, keep running up charges on your credit cards, open new utility records, or get medical treatment on your medical insurance. An identity thief can document a tax refund in your name and get your refund. In some compelling cases, a thief may even give your name to the police during an arrest.

It is highly unlikely you can stop a young retail cashier from handling a credit application they don’t know is fraudulent, or quite a bit of anything that would stop the thief once they have your social security number. You will likely ensure that number stays with you and doesn’t get in the hands of anybody you don’t trust. The simplest approach to procure a social security number from a victim is by going through their trash, as your mail will some of the time have your number on it. There are additionally different ways your number can leave your protection. Accordingly, you’ll need to do the following:

• If your social security number appears on any reports, destroy them before you throw them out.
• Never give out your social security number to any third-party unless you know they need it and you believe the organization. Before giving it over, you might need to ask what measures they take to guarantee social security numbers are not recorded. While an organization is not going to outlaw pencil and paper, along these lines not totally eliminating the possibility of your social security number leaving the building, they likely take a few countermeasures to secure you. In case you’re concerned, inquire. Whoever is requesting for the number likely thinks about them since they live with them every day.
• Before giving over your social security number to any organization, inquire as to whether it will ever show up on a document they send you via the post office. Additionally discover how it is safely stored on their servers so it will be secured if there should arise an occurrence of a hack.
• Avoid from entering your social security number online unless you are totally certain you’re on a protected connection and managing an organization you can trust. In case you’re not, call them to confirm or don’t do it.

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