Getting a Criminal Record Check Before Getting Married


Criminal background check is essential especially for those individuals who are getting married. This procedure is being conducted to make sure that the person to be investigated is free from any criminal records and can protect the marriage eventually. Although you’ve been together for quite a long time, there are still secrets that need to be investigated.

In case you’re considering marriage, you might need to think about getting a criminal background check on your partner. Obviously, it’s not being recommended that a personal investigation done by everybody. If you think something isn’t exactly right or if you simply need to make certain that she’s all that she says she is, then you have to comprehend what sort of data a personal investigation can give you and how to get one done. Here are common details that are usually being investigated.


Prior Marriages and Divorces

This information might be important to you to for a variety of reasons like verifying if your future partner was already married or not. In numerous states, marriage and divorce records are open records and typically can be found in an office in the district where the marriage or separation occurred, most ordinarily a courthouse. Obviously, to discover these records all alone, you need to know precisely where the marriage or separation occurred. In different states, in any case, these records are kept private and you will be unable to access them.

Criminal History

Nobody needs to discover after you’re married that your mate has criminal convictions for things such as sexual abuse, spousal abuse or drug trafficking. Sadly, it happens. In this way, performing background verification before you get married might save you a considerable measure of future misery.

Most criminal records are open records and like marriage and separation records, are generally kept in courthouse or other nearby government office in the province or state where the criminal action happened. Likewise, numerous states permit the public to see other wrongdoing related data like any traffic tickets issued to him; whether he’s ever been accused of a wrongdoing; and whether he’s ever been in prison or jail.

In many examples, you’ll require a ton of personal data about your partner to ensure you get the right background data. You’ll require her name, current and maybe a former location, birth date and perhaps a Social Security number.

For additional details about criminal background check and other forms of background investigations, check


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