How to Do a Background Screen

Performing background screen to all employees has become a matter of obligation, since most of them showed false information during the hiring process or if they failed to reveal their criminal or employment history. This might cost you a little amount of money but this will help you to get the biggest return on your investment.

These are the procedures on how you will create policies on background check.

  • State a background check Do the procedure to all types of employees regardless of their positions. Scale background checks based on a position’s risk to the workplace. You can do the extensive background screening to those who belong to a higher risk position. There must be few and only selected staff who knows and can access the background check information to avoid any circumstances. Let the person who will do the procedure assist you with the significant documentation including employee’s authorization and notification. You must also see legal counsel for you to understand background check policies and to ensure that you are complying with state and federal laws and regulations.
  • You may use job application that requires all applicants to provide and notate all employment, certification, education and other employment requirements. You must see to it that they will be aware if you’re planning to do the background check. The authorization letter must be different from the resume and can be considered as not part of the application. You have to recommend the applicant to fill out the application, there must be no exemptions. You have to give a place wherein applicants can sign and verify all the needed information and also to acknowledge the effects and consequences of wrong information.
  • You have to choose a reputable and reliable background check One of the guidelines is it should be accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. You must also avoid vendors that provided criminal background that have not been verified with current court records. You may also review the background of the company.

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